3DS needs you!

Nintendo's set itself a target of selling 16 million 3DS consoles around the world in the coming financial year, but president Satoru Iwata knows the company will only succeed if the main attractions come out swinging.

Speaking at a financial results briefing, the question was raised about whether big Nintendo titles Animal Crossing, Mario Kart and Super Mario would land in this financial year, to which Iwata replied:

If any one of the titles you mentioned right now is not released within this fiscal year, I do not believe that we will sell 16 million units of Nintendo 3DS hardware this fiscal year.

While Iwata couldn't give any further information on the titles, he did have one thing to say:

Therefore, I cannot tell if all of them will be released in the current fiscal year, but at least some of these anticipated titles will be launched in this fiscal year.

But which ones? Iwata clarifies:

However, especially for the two titles I introduced today, which are the new iterations of "Mario Kart" and "Super Mario," I did not talk about them with the image of launching them in the next fiscal year or thereafter, so please understand it in that way.

Translation: expect Super Mario and Mario Kart for 3DS in the next twelve months. You can start rolling out the bunting now.

[source nintendo.co.jp]