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Are you an Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 owner? Tired of spending countless hours searching for sites as good as Nintendo Life? Then have we got an offer for you!

Xbox 360 owners should check out KINECTaku, a site dedicated to Microsoft's fancy hands-free gaming gizmo, with Kinect for Xbox 360 reviews and all the latest Kinect for Xbox 360 news to boot.

Gamers with a PS3 should march straight over to Movemodo, which covers every single Blu-ray and PSN release that supports Sony's motion controller, with constantly updated PlayStation Move news and an enormous amount of PlayStation Move reviews.

Getting involved with our Xbox 360 and PS3 communities couldn't be easier: you only need your Nintendo Life login details to share your opinions with the world. Why not hop over to voice your thoughts on what Microsoft should do with Kinect at E3 2011, chat about the ongoing PlayStation Network downtime or check out some of the unbelievable Kinect accessories?

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Movemodo and KINECTaku: two tastes that go great together with Nintendo Life.

[source pushsquare.com, via purexbox.com]