Dead or Alive: Dimensions releases today in the UK and Europe, and it's already taking advantage of the SpotPass service with downloadable content available today.

Once you pick up your copy, head to a hotspot or your own home Wi-Fi broadband connection to receive a brand new costume for Kasumi. You can also face Kasumi as controlled by a CPU replication of Team Ninja member Usuda (likely Hiroya Usuda, who also helped program Metroid: Other M) in a Throwdown match.

In addition, every day for a week will bring new downloadable content in the form of more costumes and Throwdown matches, with 34 due between May 20th and June 22nd and a second opportunity to grab them between June 24th and July 27th. Here's the schedule for the following week:

20/5: Kasumi
21/5: Ayane
22/5: Kokoro
23/5: Leifang
24/5: Tina
25/5: La Mariposa
26/5: Hitomi

We don't have verification of a North American SpotPass schedule, but it will likely resemble this once it releases on May 24th. You can also check out our review of the game to get you pumped.

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