New and improved. Sort of.

Nintendo has been pretty mum on the firmware update front for quite some time, but today broke that silence by quietly rolling out an update to its DSi line.

Nudging the ticker up to version 1.4.2, the update description appears utterly unspectacular at face value by declaring that it brings along behind-the-scenes improvements to performance. However, we'd like to think that Nintendo is being sneaky by possibly laying some groundwork for the launch of the 3DS eShop and its promised DSiWare transfer ability. Another possibility is that Nintendo just grew tired of portable palindromes.

This is only the third time that the DSi's firmware has been updated since the handheld's release. Version 1.4.1, rolled out in September 2010, brought similar "behind-the-scenes improvements" to performance; and version 1.4 added the ability to upload photos to Facebook.