Last month we brought you news about the Shining Force SOS campaign, an attempt to reunite Sega with Golden Sun: Dark Dawn developer Camelot and bring about a glorious return of the Shining Force series. While the campaign has not yet received an official response from Camelot or Sega, there may be some hope on the horizon, as current Shining leader Tsuyoshi Sawada has confirmed a new title in the series is on the way,

It's been ten years since the Shining series was re-invented. Currently, we're preparing a title that sums up the whole series and should provide an answer to users' curiosity. I can't give details yet, but I'd like to reveal it before we go too far into the future.

While it's not clear whether Sawada is referring to the original Shining style forged on Sega's Mega Drive and Saturn consoles, or the later more action-based games released after the Game Boy Advance, a Shining game to sum up the series provides a glimmer of hope for the return of the tactical battling that fans of the series love. Hopefully the game will find its way to 3DS, as one of the 10 Sega games we want on 3DS.