If you can make games this good, Nintendo wants to meet you

We reported recently that Retro Studios thinks like Nintendo, so it shouldn't be any surprise that Nintendo is keen to find more developers on the same wavelength.

Speaking to Edge magazine, Nintendo's US liaison Kensuke Tanabe stressed the importance of fostering stronger relationships with Western developers, in addition to Nintendo's world-renowned Japanese teams:

I work with other development partners, such as Next Level Games Punch-Out!! in Vancouver and Monster Studios [Pilotwings Resort in Minneapolis. And they, much like Retro, really get our development philosophies. I want to find as many people as we can, as many great companies as we can to get involved with. Iā€™m really looking for developers with a sense of craftsmanship.

Retro Studios' output is an exceptionally high watermark ā€” Donkey Kong Country Returns scored 10/10, as did the superb Metroid Prime Trilogy ā€” but it's this commitment to high quality that Nintendo is renowned for.

Don't be too surprised if Nintendo announces more partnerships at this year's E3 in June.

[source next-gen.biz]