WayForward's next DSiWare title is Mighty Milky Way, and it's coming to North America on 9th May for 800 Nintendo Points.

The new game from the creators of the acclaimed Shantae: Risky's Revenge is a sequel of sorts to Mighty Flip Champs, as the game's director Sean Velasco explained in our Mighty Milky Way interview:

Mighty Milky Way and Mighty Flip Champs have distinct similarities: sexy girl leads, loud colors, action puzzle gameplay, friendly monster co-stars, and a whimsically wacky attitude. There was quite a bit of discussion about what makes a Mighty game, and these were agreed upon as the most important.

We'll soon see if the game can live up to its mighty predecessor when the game hits the North American DSiWare shop on 9th May. Look out for our review shortly after.

[source nintendo.com]