It seems that the upcoming release of Ocarina of Time might not be the only Legend of Zelda remake we see appearing on 3DS, at least not if Nintendo's head game guru has anything to do with it.

In a recent conversation with Edge magazine, Miyamoto talked about Nintendo finally getting back to game development after spending a significant amount of time creating their new hardware. He also mentioned that he thinks a certain Super Nintendo classic might be the perfect fit for the 3DS system.

I think A Link to the Past. Do you remember Xevious? It's two-layered and I really wanted to create that at the time. So to see Link to the Past in two layers would be quite attractive for me.

Given how popular the game has remained with Nintendo gamers over the years, you can't help but agree with him that it would make a great addition to the growing 3DS game library. But for now all we can do is wait and hope Miyamoto gets his wish. Of course given the amount of pull he has within the company, there's a good chance he will.