DS is Europe's undoubted sales champion, according to recent data from GameStop and technology research firm IDG. In fact, such is the console's success, its sales are more than triple any other non-Nintendo console on the market.

With an estimated 114m current generation consoles in homes around Europe, the Nintendo DS makes up 46m of these figures: that's around a 40% share. Next behind at 24.9m is the Wii, making up around 20% of the market, meaning a huge 60% of all consoles in homes across Europe bear the Nintendo logo.

Sony has sold 14.7m PlayStation 3 consoles and 14.8m PSP consoles which, even when combined with Microsoft's 13.7m Xbox 360 units, still isn't enough to topple the 46m DS consoles sold since 2005.

These figures were current as of December 2010, so naturally they will have increased slightly since, meaning even more money printed for Nintendo.

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