FLUX in your ears

Now that WiiWare has bid a teary-eyed farewell to the BIT.TRIP series with BIT.TRIP FLUX it's the perfect time to sit in the dark, on your own, and cry to some of the finest music to have graced WiiWare.

The soundtrack for BIT.TRIP FLUX is now available to download from CD Baby, as a 10-track album for $5.99. Not only that, each previous BIT.TRIP game has a soundtrack to download too, so whether you preferred the tunes of BIT.TRIP RUNNER or are more of a BIT.TRIP CORE fan, you can download each soundtrack for $5.99 each from the BIT.TRIP soundtrack collection.

Don't forget to read our Feature: The History of BIT.TRIP for more on how Gaijin created some of WiiWare's best titles.

The BIT.TRIP series comes full-circle with BIT.TRIP FLUX: CommanderVideo's final adventure. Blending musical themes from games past as well as exploring new sounds, the FLUX soundtrack offers something wholly new for eager ears of all ages.

In keeping with the cyclical nature of the saga, the chiptune guest-superstar from BIT.TRIP BEAT's soundtrack, Bit Shifter, contributes a world-exclusive brand new composition, Strange Comfort, to BIT.TRIP FLUX.

Lose yourself in the sublime melodies of the BIT.TRIP FLUX soundtrack wherever you are with this audio companion to the end of your own personal BIT.TRIP.

[source cdbaby.com]