Whether you think Nintendo has nothing to fear from mobile games or not, it's quite a verbal battleground these days as both sides stick up for their pricing and content structure. This time it's the turn of Angry Birds developer Rovio to send a few well-chosen word birds flying through the air to attack the metaphorical green pigs of Nintendo's boxed product business.

Peter Vesterbacka of Rovio is pleased that the issue is drawing so much discussion, but he's hardly full of sympathy for Nintendo's stance:

It’s interesting to see people like Nintendo saying smartphones are destroying the games industry. Of course, if I was trying to sell $49 pieces of plastic to people then yes, I’d be worried too.

While it's easy to assume Vesterbacka is dismissing the value of Nintendo products, it's more reasonable to assume he's referring to the company's reliance on physical production and distribution methods as opposed to the cheap fare offered for download from Android Market, Apple App Store and other similar store fronts.

What do you make of Vesterbacka's comments? Do you think he's out of line or can you see where he's coming from?

[source mcvuk.com]