Yuji Horii and Larry LaHaie

Last week we reported on Nintendo of America's Dragon Quest VI Twitter competition, won by Larry LaHaie of Lansing, MI, who got to meet series creator Yuji Horii.

Not only did LaHaie get to shake hands with the respected designer, he also shared lunch with Horii, as well as the game's executive producer, chatting away for two hours.

During this chat Horii confirmed that Dragon Quest X is still in production for Nintendo Wii, having been quiet on that front for a long time. According to LaHaie, the team was pleased with the popularity of the multiplayer aspects of Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies on DS, so we may see more well-developed multiplayer features for the Wii version.

We'll bring you a review of Dragon Quest VI: Realms of Revelation shortly.