Last October, we brought you the list of launch window titles for the Japanese release of the 3DS sytem, and although not every title will have a guaranteed spot next to the handheld when it launches on 26th February, racing fans will be greeted at some point with Namco Bandai Games' Ridge Racer, of which Famitsu has published a few tidbits.

As translated by AndriaSang, the game will once again have the lovely Reiko Nagase as the digital mascot and has already appeared on official artwork for the game.

What's even more interesting is the ability for players to snap a photo of themselves and use the picture as their profile icon during multiplayer races. Fans can expect to see the return of old but popular courses, as well as some new ones, and the vehicles will get the same treatment too.

Ridge Racer on the 3DS will also support the StreetPass mode, although further details have yet to be confirmed.