Remember folks, the brain is a muscle too

Not satisfied with just bringing The Sims 3 to the Wii and DS, EA will also be allowing gamers the option of raising their family in 3D too when it launches in Japan for the 3DS in Spring 2011.

Famitsu has published some game details on the latest instalment of the life-simulation strategy game and it looks set to utilise the 3DS features in some pretty novel ways.

Aside from displaying the game in 3D on the top screen, the lower screen will be used to show the full area map. As usual, sims can be edited by adjusting the skin tone, faces, clothing, personalities, life goals, as well as other parameters. Players can even take pictures of real people and create sims using that image. Numerous actions can be assigned to them and they will show you what they are feeling via the various mood icons, with gamers able to make use of the life-changing "karma power" but must be careful of its effects. For example, shaking the 3DS will cause money to fall from the sky, but shake too much and an earthquake will be triggered.

Additional content like hair styles, clothing and more can also be downloaded via Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection although it's unclear whether this will be free of charge or not. Players will, however, be able to exchange their Sims with each other via the StreetPass function. Ditching family members has never sounded so easy.