Like this, only for AYIM or FATE

Broken Rules and Gaijin Games have teamed up to offer one generous gamer a free copy of BIT.TRIP FATE. How does one go about earning this prize? By letting other users know how great And Yet It Moves and FATE are. We'll let Broken Rules explain:

As you know, both And Yet it Moves and BIT.TRIP FATE have demos available on the Wii Shop Channel for the WiiWare Service. And as you also know, these demos will go away if And Yet it Moves and BIT.TRIP FATE don't get enough ratings through the Nintendo Channel for our games to reach Bronze status.

So, in an effort to get you all rating so that we can keep the demos active we'll give you the chance to win free copies of And Yet It Moves and BIT.TRIP FATE. All you have to do is send an image showing how you rate the game on the Nintendo Channel.

In order to rate the game you need to own the full version of either And Yet It Moves or BIT.TRIP FATE, then load up the Nintendo Channel and head to "Recommend Wii Titles". It takes no time at all and could help future users to discover these games by keeping the demos available for longer, and you could even win a free game for your troubles.

For more information check out the Broken Rules blog.

Update: We've received clarification this is currently for North America only.

I’m afraid it’s only for North America this time.
However, if enough interest is generated we’ll probably do something similar once the AYIM demo is released in Europe.