Are you excited for CommanderVideo's farewell outing?

Until now, we've only had a set of screenshots and a mysterious statement from Gaijin Games's Alex Neuse to help us figure out what BIT.TRIP FLUX, the sixth and final title in the musical WiiWare series, is all about. The game has just received an ESRB rating, however, and the board describes it as follows:

This is a musical paddle game in which players move a vertical platform to deflect waves of dots that fly across the screen. With each collision, a musical tone is emitted to correspond with the beat of background music.

We're giving the game a thorough playing right now and we'll let you know more details as soon as the embargo is lifted. In the meantime, let us know your thoughts on this synopsis in the comments section and don't forget to check out the newest blog post on the Gaijin Games official site, which provides even more info on the upcoming game.