Feeding cheese to camels might not be a good idea, but you can get them to say it

Whilst it's easy to get carried away with games we'd like to see on the upcoming 3DS system, let's not forget about the games that are actually confirmed from developers. The 3D handheld has far from failed to get us hyped about action-orientated games, but what of the more relaxed, simulation titles?

Marvelous has so far confirmed two 3DS titles that it's currently working on: a new Harvest Moon game, and Animal Resort. Whilst very little is known about the former, Japanese publication Famitsu has revealed a few game details about the latter. Players inherit a zoo and it's up to them to raise the animals and restore it to its former glory. Although gamers start off with only an elephant ― like all zoos do ― over 100 animal types can be obtained throughout the course of the game.

As a zoo owner, players will have to take on responsibilities such as feeding and the taking of photographs and if a strong relationship with the animals is maintained, players will be able to give them commands to perform various actions. Nothing like entertaining the punters! Too much performing will be detrimental though, as the animals will get tired.

You can make people do anything for medals

The game's menu screen seems to list the target daily visitor count, the number of animals you have, as well as the number of areas in the zoo, which suggests the number of different "zones" can be expanded. Game options include "Communicate with Animals", "Animal Vendor", "Check Visitors", "Mail Box" and "Diary", and players will also have the ability to switch between the zoo's operations office and the storage and communications rooms.

The reaction of the visitors are represented as green silhouettes; with feedback shown in speech bubbles, visitors can be seen saying things like: "it's cute!", "we'll come again!", and "I'm hungry", suggesting the animals' hunger won't be the only appetite for you to deal with.

As far as taking photographs go, images can be zoomed in and out and players can move around by physically moving the 3DS. This aspect of the game will likely use the exterior cameras of the 3DS or the built-in motion sensors to determine what is displayed in the in-game view-finder.

What do you make of Animal Resort so far, then?

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