Wii Remotes are coming in all colours and configurations these days: the Wii Remote Plus with MotionPlus built-in, the red Remote with this red Wii, this upcoming Tron Remote. What if none of these take your fancy, though: what are you supposed to do then? Build your own out of Lego bricks? Well, yes.

The famous manufacturer of plastic bricks has produced its own Wii Remote with a customisable faceplate and array of tiles, ready for you to colourise it any way you like. Like the official Remote it includes rumble, a speaker and all the accelerometers you'd expect, but with the added bonus of being (partially) made of Lego.

Exclusive to Toys 'R' Us, the controller will set you back $39.99 and begins shipping on October 16th.

Use your own official LEGO pieces (not included) to build a custom display stand using the Buildable Battery Cover. The remote features internal accelerometers, an internal speaker, rumble effects and larger buttons for enhanced control during game play. Works with most Wii chargers and attachments (using included Standard Battery Cover). Includes Remote, Wrist Strap, 2 Battery Covers, and 31 Mini LEGO tiles with LEGO Tile Separator. Compatible with Wii MotionPlus.

[source toysrus.com]