As if the seemingly Tron-inspired Art Style: light trax weren't enough, you can get a second helping of Wii-based light cycle action as Tron: Evolution will be racing across the Wii landscape later this year. If you feel your current Wii Remote just isn't futuristic-looking enough after years of familiarity, you may want to get your hands on this design from PDP.

Based on the designs of both the film and game, the TRON controllers will feature unique, performance-enhancing contours and design, rubber grips with a soft-touch finish and perforated details and light-up accents reminiscent of the TRON universe to illuminate late-night gaming sessions.

No, we don't quite understand it either. However, if you're a fan of Tron and things with glowing lights on them – like this guy – you might want to check this out when it's released this Fall for around $49.99. That's not the only wacky licensed peripheral PDP has up its glowing sleeves, though, as Disney Epic Mickey is due to get a few of its own. Check out the charging cradle based on the Phantom Blot and Nunchuk housing based on... well, a paintbrush, of course.

This truly is the golden age of Wii accessories.