Knights on bikes

WiiWare's alternating weeks continue, but at least there's the Virtual Console to keep Wii owners happy – even better when the releases include classic arcade games! The DSi has a trio of actual games for a change with nary a lifestyle download in sight.

Virtual Console

Commando (800pts Arcade, Capcom) – This is the first VCA release from Capcom that we've actually played originally in the arcade and, more importantly, enjoyed. The difficulty is a bit high on this one if recollection serves, but undoubtedly there will be adjustable settings to compensate for the arthritis that arcade veterans will no doubt be suffering by now.

Faxanadu (500pts Famicom, Hudson) – A side-scrolling action-adventure title that is well-regarded by those who have played it back in the day. Hopefully folk outside of Japan will get to relive their childhoods soon!


Treasure Hunter: Submarine Kid Adventure (200pts, Tom Create) – An underwater treasure-collecting game in which players control a cute little, well, "submarine kid" grabbing gold, avoiding sea creatures and fighting bosses before bringing the loot to the mothership on the surface. It has an appealing art style and sounds fun on paper, so it might be worth a look for importers considering the low price.

Accel Knights (500pts, ArtePiazza) – The design-focused creators of Opoona and Pinball Attack! are back with a new DSiWare game and it's quite a departure from those other titles. This sounds like a card battle game, except the combat is between knights on motorcycles fighting with swords and spells. It doesn't look like an easy time for importers with the text-heavy emphasis, but the scenario is certainly novel and the artwork looks great. Given the more-accessible Pinball Attack! has yet to see other shores, however, it's probably not worth getting your hopes up for this getting localised.

Hakokoro (500pts, AMZY) -- A puzzle game featuring a hollow cube that you roll around to collect marbles whilst avoiding baddies and the occasional boss. It looks cute enough, so it could be worth a look for puzzle fans.