Finally, Europeans get to try out this fun DSiWare release.

Hopefully the exciting news about upcoming Virtual Console releases for Europe will be enough to satisfy retro fans for now, while this week there's two WiiWare and three DSiWare titles to quench your thirst.


Gods vs. Humans (1500pts, Zallag) – We've been looking forward to this comical strategic combat title, which will hopefully set publisher Zallag apart from a certain prior release of which we weren't so fond. Look for a review from our resident deitologist soon.

Learning with the PooYoos - Episode 3 (500pts, Lexis Numerique) – We've enjoyed the previous releases in this series of edutainment games for younger learners. Read our reviews of Learning with the PooYoos - Episode 1 and Learning with the PooYoos - Episode 2 to help you make your decision until we get our review of this most recent entry to you, in short order as always.


Aura-Aura Climber (200pts, Nintendo) – We were quite fond of this budget title when it came to the U.S. over seven months ago, as you can read in our Aura-Aura Climber review.

Petz Dog Superstar (800pts, Ubisoft) – As you might expect of an entry in this series, we thought it was pretty rough, albeit a tiny bit better than its hamster and kitten brethren. Read why we thought so in our Petz Dog Superstar review.

Petz Cat Superstar (800pts, Ubisoft) – Rejoice, Europe, for you get to play a Petz title before your American counterparts. We'll have a review soon to tell you if it continues the upward trend of the above canine-based game or if it puts the Petz series back in the litter-box.