Bugs be gone!

Owners of Cave Story might remember that the game had a few minor glitches in its original release, but the nice folks at Nicalis have addressed these issues and the game can now be updated via the Wii Shop Channel.

Some of the issues addressed are:

  • Menu screen cleaned up: No longer "glitchy rotating selection" and instead a more tradtional 2D layout as expected.
  • Extra Modes are now locked until conditions fullfilled.
  • Remixed music significantly improved. (Drumbeats make a huge difference!)
  • Sound mixing fixed. Raining EXP drops are no longer deafening to the ears.
  • Map screen no longer covers the entire screen with black. Instead it overlays the map on top of the play.
  • Script: "Examinate further" has been corrected to "Examine further"
  • Transparent menu and home button screens
  • Gamecube controller support
  • Improved original music
  • Outer Wall crash fixed
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We'll keep you posted on any future news regarding the game and we'll hopefully have a firm European release date soon as well.

Thanks to Justin for the heads up.