A cult classic from Nihon Falcom and Hudson Soft

If you've been keeping an eye on new game pages on our site, you might have already noticed, but over the last few days, three classic games have received age ratings, indicating that they will be making their way to the Virtual Console soon.

Possibly the most important to most people is a rating from the OFLC in the form of Faxanadu, an action RPG on the NES that is not unlike Zelda II. A spinoff of Nihon Falcom's Xanadu series, which is practically unknown outside Japan, and published by Hudson Soft, you have to make your way through one giant world located on the branches of the magic World Tree, entering a number of dungeons to procure items necessary to move further up the tree. Like Zelda II it includes an EXP system, so there might be a few spots where you will have to grind on enemies before you're strong enough to continue.

Just yesterday, however, another two games were rated by the German USK. SonSon and Exed Exes are both new Virtual Console Arcade titles for Japan this month (With SonSon already released), but it seems like Capcom is planning to bring these elsewhere as well. They're not exactly of the same calibre as Final Fight or Street Fighter, but they're still decent little titles that might be worth checking out when released.

In other Virtual Console news, Nintendo of Europe has already revealed that next week will thankfully have another retro title available for download. Mystic Quest Legend, known to most as Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest, is a pseudo-spin-off of the Final Fantasy series meant for people new to RPGs, with a fairly low difficulty and a pretty straightforward adventure. Naturally, we'll review it soon after release.

Will you be spending any Wii Points on these titles when they're released?

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