A special box for a special pack

We've been bringing you all the news regarding the enticing yet vague announcement of the Japan-exclusive Super Mario Collection Special Pack, including a posting from an online retailer somewhat obliquely detailing its contents.

Now comes the definitive announcement regarding the title, which marks the 25th anniversary of Super Mario Bros.'s Japanese release. It's to include the Super Mario All-Stars versions of Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels (known as Super Mario Bros. 2 in Japan), Super Mario Bros. 2 (known as Super Mario USA in Japan) and Super Mario Bros. 3. Basically, then, the disc is a re-release of the original Super Nintendo game, which updated the NES collection to Super Nintendo standards of graphics and audio.

What may be more enticing to some is the inclusion of a book that features art, sketches and factoids regarding the series as well as a special soundtrack CD, which includes music from the original Super Mario Bros. all the way up to Super Mario Galaxy 2. The entire package will hit Japanese shelves in a limited quantity on October 21 for ¥2,500 (about $29.76 USD, 19.28 GBP, 23.23 EUR or 31.98 AUD).

Below, you can check out some detailed shots of the release and its contents as well as a promotional video, and check further down for screen shots of the game itself. And for those lucky Japanese fans, Nintendo's holding a drawing in which you can win lots of cool Mario stuff, including tote bags, t-shirts and playing cards.

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