About time!

Anniversaries are wonderful and joyous occasions to celebrate with loved ones. What makes them better is if you can win prizes in the process too, and that's exactly what you can look forward to as Nintendo celebrates one of the biggest NES titles continuing to entertain having launched a quarter of a century ago.

In celebrating 25 years of Super Mario Bros., Nintendo has spruced up its Web pages and European Club Nintendo stars catalogue with several goodies.

Tastiest of all is perhaps the SNES controller that connects to the bottom of your Wii Remote for 7000 stars, which the Japanese Club has had for a while now. Also available is the golden Wii Wheel for 4000 stars, which will certainly make you feel like a champion whether you place first in the race or not. A plush coin box that goes for 2600 stars has also been added.

Nintendo has also launched a video competition where you can show your love of Mario by submitting a video of yourself; talking about your favourite games, how you play with friends and family, or you can just talk about how Mario makes you feel. Videos must not exceed 2 minutes.

Send your video in and you can win a special Wii console bundle, but even if you are lucky enough to be the first 5000 to have your video submission added to the online gallery, you will receive a "special reward". If you're not sure what to make your video about, why not check out the gallery for some inspiration? Information on how you can participate in the competition can be found here.

[source nintendo.co.uk]