Good news for Balrog fans

Cave Story was a much anticipated WiiWare release – of course, European gamers are still much anticipating its eventual release – but the forthcoming Cave Story DSiWare is beginning to mimic its big screen predecessor in terms of generating excitement. Some gamers will be hoping it doesn't copy some of its problems though, including the occasionally shonky music, but producer Tyrone Rodriguez assures players that won't be the case.

An interview between Tyrone Rodriguez Tiny Cartridge gave the Nicalis man the chance to assure those concerned about the music it'll be A-OK.

Tyrone Rodriguez: Oh yeaaah!! The other thing we learned is that audio is almost more important to Cave Story fans than artwork. For those ready to bitch about the audio, it’s perfect this time around, the first time around.

The interview also briefly covered an upcoming update for WiiWare Cave Story, which will "address a game-breaking bug and a ton of other fan-requested fixes," in Rodriguez's own words.

We'll update you with more Cave Story information as it arrives.