Zelda II, anyone?

Japan is taking it a bit easy again next month with just three new releases. Two of them could have been predicted quite easily - Both were rated by the OFLC not too long ago and should thus also be heading to other regions. The last is yet another Japan-exclusive RPG which is very unlikely to see the light of day elsewhere.

Japan's full list for October is as follows:


  • Faxanadu (A spin-off of the Xanadu series, which is pretty much completely unknown in the west. This particular title actually got a western release, though. Similar to Zelda II, it's a bit of a cult classic.)

Super Famicom:

  • Albert Odyssey (Pretty much your standard RPG fare, although it does make some nice use of Mode 7 effects. It will likely remain Japan-exclusive, but one thing noteworthy is that it's a Sunsoft title - Indicating that they're continuing VC support.)

Virtual Console Arcade:

  • Commando (The first in Capcom's overhead shooter series, the franchise is known in Japan as Wolf of the Battlefield, hence why its sequel got this added to its title for its VC release in the west.)

Just three games to last an entire month with, but it's a good selection of titles. Will you get any of these if they come out elsewhere?