Petitions at this time of night!?

The Tokyo Game Show has landed and everyone has a lot to show off. Capcom is continuing its steady release of episodic gameplay trailers for the upcoming mystery adventure game, Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective, and we can tell you that something strange is happening at the park.

The game fuses logic puzzles with humour and if the presentation looks familiar, that's because Ghost Trick is brought to you by Shu Takumi, the creator of the Ace Attorney series.

Players take on the role of Sissel's ghost, and they must possess various objects in the game in order to work out how to solve the puzzles that stand in their way to finding out the truth behind Sissel's murder. As well as manipulating objects, players can also possess corpses too, and "rewind" time to four minutes prior to the victim's death. The deceased can also be contacted, so using a mixture of these abilities, players must solve the crimes before dawn; when Sissel's ghost will leave the supernatural world for good.

See for youself what's going on at the park below, as we bring you the gameplay trailer that was showcased at this year's Tokyo Game Show.