Being held up at zapper point is the worst

It's not uncommon for characters and items from one franchise to appear in another by the same developer, but when homage is paid to an unrelated series or item, there's an extra sense of joy in recognising the proverbial nod of the head. Vblank Entertainment's upcoming open-world action parody does just that with its acknowledgement of one of the most iconic light-guns in video game history.

Hidden as an unlockable late in Retro City Rampage is a weapon that resembles the NES Zapper. It should more than remind you what it's like to hold one of the coolest peripherals ever created, as every shot will produce a white square that flashes up and turns the rest of the screen black. Fans of Duck Hunt and other games that utilised the zapper will remember that this was the case in the old days whenever a shot was fired at the on-screen targets.

Other familiar sights include a sword that knocks enemies back as well as a boomerang, both reminiscent of Link, and even a Yoshi-cycle! To check out a short video that was filmed at the Penny Arcade Expo 2010, head over to the Kotaku website where you can watch one of the developers, Brian Provinciano, showcasing the retro delight.

The game is targeting a December release, and we'll be bringing you an interview with the game's creator soon, so make sure you stay tuned to Nintendo Life.