When the review's out, there's only one baby who can you give the score

Are you looking for a 'baby care' game because looking after a real baby is far too much hassle? Look no further because Raylight Studios is teaming up with DTP to bring WiiWare gamers a port of My Little Baby; originally released on the DS, and then brought over to the mobile phone format.

The upcoming WiiWare version will feature "further optimised graphics" but one feature that will probably not make it is the voice command where players can teach their baby to talk by using the mic. This was done easily enough using the built-in mic on the DS, and the upcoming PC version will have no trouble supporting this function, but this will likely be omitted from the WiiWare instalment.

What gamers can expect is the usual customisation of the baby, so you can make it as beautiful or as ugly as you want. The purchasing of toys, furniture, clothing, food, and other necessities must also be taken into account in order to give your new-born the optimum environment to grow up in.

There's no word on the pricing, but My Little Baby is expected to launch on the WiiWare service this November.