Samus is ready for anything

It's been a long wait for Metroid: Other M, but within a few weeks we'll finally know whether or not it's an excellent outing for the bounty hunter. Metroid creator Yoshio Sakamoto certainly seems to think so, even going so far as to say it's the perfect Metroid experience in an interview with Official Nintendo Magazine.

But what is Mr Sakamoto's idea of the perfect experience?

It is to fully understand, feel empathy and fight together with Samus Aran. In other words, it is to play Metroid: Other M. I hope you will enjoy playing Metroid: Other M for a perfect Metroid experience.

From the beginning, Metroid: Other M has been touted as a much more story-based outing for Samus, filling in some of the more mysterious parts of her history with a range of supporting characters and cutscenes too. We'll soon find out whether it succeeds in combining art with action, so stay tuned for our upcoming review.