Pikachu used Flash!

Pikachu's been in the licensing business for a long time, so he knows what he's doing: stand here, smile please, hold this. You'd think he'd get tired, but no: witness the love he's showing this DSi as he charges its battery using only smiles and electricity.

Launching in Japan on September 18th – the same day as Pokémon Black and White – and costing a mammoth ¥3,980 (around US$47), you're not alone in thinking it looks like Pikachu is enjoying charging that stand just a little too much. You may not be alone, but that doesn't mean it isn't wrong to think it.

Pokémon Black and White launch in North America and Europe in Spring 2011, with or without Pikachu's electrically-charged Pokéballs.

[source kotaku.com]