Help Alice and Lili move on up!

Virtual Console

Mario Tennis 64 (1000pts N64 - Nintendo) — The original 3D Nintendo tennis experience and, (in the opinion of many) the best, is the final Virtual Console title of the month. Read our Mario Tennis review to get the full story!


Action Puzzle Rabi x Laby (200pts - Silver Star Japan) — A platforming puzzler with an Alice-in-Wonderland theme in which players need to guide Alice and her rabbit friend Lili to the exit in each stage using various items to navigate obstacles. The twist is that players appear to be controlling both characters and they need to work together in order to progress to the next level. Though the katakana for "Rabi and Laby" is the same, it's meaning is Rabbit x Labyrinth according to the official site - a sort of pun then, ha-ha.

Arc Style: Furo Jump!! Guilty Gear Gaiden!? (500pts - Arc System Works) — A side-scrolling action-platformer starring what looks like a squashed Bert from Sesame Street. We're not quite sure what this has to do with Guilty Gear, but since we're not familiar with the series and it is a "side story" that's not saying much!

Dungeon RPG Pikudon (500pts - Intense) — This is an odd mix of dungeon-crawling RPG and picross. You appear to automatically move through a dungeon from monster encounter to monster encounter battling using stylus swipes for your sword slash and tapping a shield icon to block, with an extra option to use other equipment you pick up on the way. After beating the level boss the image in the top screen will complete to reveal your dungeon was actually a bear or some other pixellated drawing. There are 60 stages in all - potentially of interest to picross and RPG fans.