Will the sequel prove even more heroic?

Apparently Nintendo has nothing new up their sleeve for the Wii at the end of August – odd, considering the 2nd week of the month was a holiday and we still haven't seen Mario Tennis published, which was previously announced for release this month.

In any event, Japanese DSi owners have the following two games to look forward to next Wednesday – even if neither of them strictly qualifies as "new."


G.G. Series Chō Hero Ōga 2 (200pts - Genterprise) -- Following on from the release of their uber-mini collection G.G. Series Collection+ (preview still pending - we're working on it!), Genterprise and Suzak have decided continue the series by releasing sequels to those games. When the G.G. Series will end is anyone's guess, but if they can manage to make compelling changes as was the case with G.G. Series Z・ONE 2, we're not going to complain. We've previewed every one of the series released on DSiWare thus far and this one will be no exception as the first Super Hero Ogre was a quality beat-em-up.

Check out our G.G. Series Chō Hero Ōga preview if you haven't already, and if you like what you read take heart because it's one of a handful of the original series Genterprise have decided to publish outside of Japan.

Arc Style: Zekkyō Genshinin Sam no Daibōken (800pts - Arc System Works) -- Arc System Works is continuing their shamelessly-titled Arc Style series with another import: the prehistoric platformer known to the rest of us as Prehistorik Man. We weren't terribly impressed with it, but it could be that Arc System Works have worked out the bugs and improved the performance of this prehistoric platforming port. Read our Prehistorik Man review and see if you want to take a chance!