Painted on 25th October, apparently

DSiWare Donatellos will already be aware of the Art Academy series, with Semester One and Semester Two already available for download, but Nintendo wants to get everybody involved in the class, even that annoying kid at the back. That's why it's combining both downloads into a single retail release, called Art Academy, and releasing it on October 25th in North America.

Be sure to read our Art Academy: First Semester review and follow-up with the Art Academy: Second Semester review to find out if this compilation is going to float your boat. Here's the official press release too, accompanied by a lovely piece of art from time-travelling Nintendo staff member Krysta Yang:

Art Academy, which launches Oct. 25 at a suggested retail price of $19.99, provides everyone from beginners to experts with tools to create their own works of art plus simple tutorials to learn about color, shading, movement and perspective. The skills learned in Art Academy are transferable to real-life art materials outside of the Nintendo DS environment. Art Academy includes all 10 of the lessons and tools from both Art Academy: First Semester and Art Academy: Second Semester, which are available separately as Nintendo DSiWare downloads. Plus there are 10 Mini Lessons and more than 80 motifs that players can choose from to use as reference material when creating their art.