Tough to learn, even tougher to master!

As with every week, DSiWare gets the lion's share of releases this week, although most of it is not too stellar, or at least not likely to be. WiiWare gets a long-awaited fighter plus an interesting Nintendo-published title, while VC gets another ninja action game.


Toribash (1000pts - Nabi Studios) — A very strange fighting game which is quite popular on PC, you fight as two stick figures which you have incredible control over - You can practically individually every single one of their joints. It's also one of the rare WiiWare games to feature online multiplayer! We'll review it soon.

Zenquaria: Virtual Aquarium (600pts - Nintendo) — Seemingly a mixture of My Aquarium and Endless Ocean, this allows you to dive around in an aquarium using your Mii. It's been developed by Paon, who are probably best known for the handful of recent Donkey Kong games they've made. We'll have a review soon.

Virtual Console

Shadow of the Ninja (600pts - Natsume) — An action platformer somewhat similar to Ninja Gaiden, unfortunately in more ways that one - Just like Ninja Gaiden, we're actually getting the North American version with a different title instead, and as such have to pay 100 extra Wii Points for no good reason. You can read what we thought of the game in our Shadow of the Ninja review.


SteamWorld: Tower Defense (500pts - Image & Form) — Another tower defence title, this one features very cartoony characters and environments all set in the wild west. It was released in North America earlier this week, so we should have a review available soon.

Crazy Golf (500pts - DTP Entertainment) — A 2D golf game rather than 3D one, it's actually quite fun and worth a download. Our Crazy Golf review will tell you all you need to know.

2Puzzle It: Fantasy (500pts - Neuland Multimedia) — Another puzzle game, although one that's not seen too often. This one actually features sliding puzzles rather than jigsaws. We'll review it soon.

Hair Salon: Pocket Stylist (500pts - 505 Games) — We don't know much about this one other than what's mentioned in the press release, but it seems to quite clearly be a game in which you get to create your own hairstyles, after which you can stick them either on the game's characters or your own photos. We'll have a review soon.

16 Shot! Shooting Watch (200pts - Hudson Soft) — If you want to improve your button-mashing skills to be more like those of Takahashi Meijin, here's your chance. We didn't think much of it, as you can read in our 16 Shot! Shooting Watch review - For one thing, a version of the shooting watch is already included in Adventure Island: The Beginning!.

A lot of choice on DSiWare as usual, but will you be going for any of it?