The 3DS's initial line-up is full of mature titles, with Metal Gear Solid 3 and the new trailer for Resident Evil Revelations showing exactly what's possible on the console. Now Sega is pondering bringing some of its more mature properties over to the machine.

Speaking to, Sega West President Mike Hayes said:

It was interesting to see games like Saint's Row on the device. If we could bring, let's say, a House of the Dead or an Aliens title, if the audience for 3DS is much broader it could give us much more scope in that market, and that's as exciting as well as Mario & Sonic and Monkey Ball games.

With its touchscreen controls the House of the Dead series may be a good fit for the machine, but the potential of a portable Alien-only title for the first time since Aliens: Thanatos Encounter on GameBoy Colour is an intriguing proposition.