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With handheld sales in the UK reaching the lowest level in the last four years, the European MD at Nintendo, Laurent Fischer, has pointed the finger at a rather unexpected culprit. Fischer feels the Wii is responsible for the drop in DS sales, with its range of big releases hogging the limelight.

Speaking to MCV, the managing director states that:

Whilst Nintendo DS sales in Europe were lower than the previous year, Nintendo's share in the handheld market has not shrunk...What has shrunk is the whole handheld market in Europe, possibly due to a shortage of hit titles and possibly because more attention from the public was paid to Wii with such titles as New Super Mario Bros Wii, Wii Sports Resort and Wii Fit Plus.

After a poor start to 2009, the Wii is looking to pick up again thanks to the roster of games that launched towards the end of the year, helping to budge the number of Wiis in European homes to over 22 million.

Do you own a Wii and a DS and has your spending has been leaning towards either side lately?