It's all your fault, Howser Oreganostein!

In a gaming climate where there arguably aren't enough new intellectual properties (IPs) hitting consoles, it's a shame to hear that a talented developer has to scale back its new ideas simply to stay alive, but that's the situation at Japanese company Marvelous.

The company's last notable IP was the wonderful Little King's Story, co-developed with Cing who recently went into administration. Having already sold its 50% stake in European publisher Rising Star Games and switched to a licensing model, Marvelous has now announced it will concentrate on producing sequels to its existing properties, including Harvest Moon and a mobile version of Little King's Story.

Marvelous will now focus most of its development efforts on its most successful format, Sony's PSP, with the possibility of 3DS titles entering development in the future. It's a sad sign of the times that the two teams responsible for one of the Wii's more critically-acclaimed titles have either fallen into administration or had to cease producing new ideas, but here's hoping Marvelous doesn't meet the same fate as Cing Inc.