Cross everything.

The announcement of Sonic Colours for Wii and DS was a bit of a bolt from the blue (pardon the pun), with just a rendered trailer and short press release to go on. Now with the cat out of the bag the first proper information is starting to trickle through, with a Nintendo Power interview with Sonic honcho Takashi Iizuka revealing plenty about the upcoming adventure.

The Wii version is being developed by the same team responsible for the decent Secret Rings and not-so-decent Black Knight Sonic titles, with the DS version created by Sonic Team with help from recent handheld hog helpers Dimps. Iizuka himself will be overseeing both titles, but in a more supervisory role than first thought.

According to the article, the Wisps came about as attempts to keep Sonic moving whilst including new moves that would expand the gameplay without slowing the player down too much, something that Sonic Unleashed rather missed the mark on. Iizuka himself puts it in words every Sonic fan wants to hear but finds it so hard to believe:

I feel we really succeeded in embracing our core concept of “100% pure Sonic style high speed action.

With the platform sections primarily taking place in 2D, with wide open 3D spaces reserved for faster gameplay, this could be the title to fulfil the early promise displayed by Sonic Unleashed, but we're remaining reserved until some hands-on time at E3 in a few days' time. Until then, check out the magazine scans at TSSZ News and keep your fingers crossed that this year the Sonic Cycle will finally be broken.

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