Time to date yourself, PilotWings fans: it's been 14 years since the series last saw a brand-new entry. That was PilotWings 64 in 1996, launching alongside the Nintendo 64. Why, some of you may not have even been alive then.

But you're alive now (we think), and along with the announcement of the 3DS came the reveal of a new title in the series: PilotWings Resort.

Taking place on Nintendo's favorite vacation destination, Wuhu Island (of Wii Sports Resort fame), we know there'll be at least one jetpack and a plane. The game's art style bears a striking resemblance to Resort as well, and it appears that Miis will be somehow incorporated. Unless Nintendo is just trolling everyone.

Keep your flight path bound for Nintendo Life as we bring you more coverage of the 3DS and all of it's hojillion new games at the show!