In the weeks leading up to the E3 show, we all heard the rumours of a new Kirby game being possibly in development so it should come as no real shock that one actually materialised during Nintendo's Press Conference. What is surprising is that Kirby's Epic Yarn is not only a 2D side-scroller for the Wii, but it also sports one of the most unique graphical styles we've seen to date on the console.

The entire game uses the "yarn" theme to full effect. Not only do the backdrops all have a cloth look and feel to them, Kirby and the many enemies are also equally unique in their makeup. You'll even find the gameplay set to match with Kirby shooting out his yarn lasso to grab enemies and other items throughout the levels. These range from peeling layers of cloth off to form new sections that can be traversed to unzipping zippers to reveal new parts of the level. Every inch of this unique package works together to form not only a common theme but also a completely unique gameplay experience.

While Kirby has seemingly lost the ability to inhale enemies and absorb their unique powers, he does have a brand new set of abilities, from floating around as a parachute to turning into a small honking car to run through the level on wheels. The controls are silky smooth and despite the game featuring the lower level of difficulty so prominent throughout the series, you'd be hard-pressed to find a more enjoyable playing experience than the one found in Kirby's Epic Yarn.

To further enhance the game's rampant playability the developers have included a fun multiplayer cooperative gameplay mode to allow two players to enjoy the game together. While you can help each other out, you can also grab the other player and toss them around the level. It's more humorous than anything else, but when you start working together to progress through the levels, you'll see the draw of this multiplayer feature.

Nintendo had quite a large number of solid titles on display on the E3 showroom, and Kirby's Epic Yarn was certainly one of the most charming. With an absolutely incredible visual style, not to mention some fresh gameplay ideas, you can't help but fall in love with the game from the moment you begin playing it. As great as it already was to hear Nintendo announcing a brand new Kirby game during their press conference, it was even more exciting to get a chance to take the little pink blob for a spin. It was easily one of the best games available for play at E3 and one that is now moved up quite high on our most-wanted list of holiday releases.