MCM Expo. Not pictured: 586 DS players

What's the largest number of people you've ever seen playing DS at one time? Four? Ten? Thirty? Then this video will blow your mind.

Okay, not really. Last weekend's MCM Expo in London was home to a Guinness World Record attempt by gamers to smash the record of "Largest Handheld Game Console Party", held by Australia since 2007 with a group of 381 DS gamers. That record fell last weekend to a group of 586 DS owners crammed into one room, with Guinness adjudicator Damian Field saying:

It is a tremendous achievement for the MCM Expo to reach a number of 586 smashing the existing world record of 381. It’s rare for a UK mass participation to reach over 500.

The achievement of getting nearly 600 people into one room to play DS games is commendable, though it's not clear whether they were playing wirelessly with each other or were simply in the same room. With that many people all we can do is imagine the amazing Mario Kart DS tournaments you'd be able to organise and congratulate everyone who took part.