Hurry up dammit.

There's still a sleepless four weeks between us and the new Zelda game for Wii, set to be unveiled at E3. We don't know what it'll look, sound or play like, but a recent interview with Shigeru Miyamoto has revealed it should control more simply than previous Link outings.

For us, it is important to the to optimise gameplay and make the controls easier. We do our best to make the controls player friendly, since Zelda has become complicated.

Presumably the inclusion of MotionPlus will go a long way to simplifying these controls: what could be more intuitive than swinging your sword around to slice up some Octoroks?

Miyamoto also continued to tease the "big surprise" between the title that has speculators guessing everything from a first-person adventure to a futuristic Zelda and everything in between.

For us, two things are important: to meet expectations and to surprise people. How we do it this time, I will not reveal.

Hopefully the two aren't mutually exclusive, but we look forward to having our expectations met and our people surprised when Nintendo hopefully makes the big reveal on June 15th. Expect as-it-happens coverage from Nintendo Life that day so keep it locked here to find out as soon as this one's unveiled.