Those tank levels should be a blast.

French publisher Zallag is a hotbed of download activity recently, having announced Gods vs. Humans and Racers Island: Crazy Racers within the last month or so. Now the company has announced its Creatips marketing tool will be put to good work marketing the upcoming Advanced Circuits from BiP Media.

The press release makes this seemingly dry announcement far more entertaining:

Since 2007, BiP media never fails to enhance his Nintendo handheld catalog. In 2009, the release of Viking Invasions on the Nintendo DSiWare™ results in a hit. The puzzle game Advanced Circuits comes after in Q2 2010. The gameplay is structured around an efficient concept: drawing tracks with the stylus to obtain a close circuit which goes across every single square of the game board.

Got it? Good. Sounding like a cross between Pipe Mania and Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks, Advanced Circuits could be an intriguing prospect. We'll find out when it launches in the coming months.