Come to us, precious

Although early reviews suggest that Super Mario Galaxy 2 could well be the best thing since Super Mario Galaxy, Nintendo is well aware that some players didn't enjoy the original as much, finding it confusing and tough to control. That's why, as we previously reported, the highly anticipated follow-up will release with a bonus DVD easing players into the game as well as showing off some advanced moves for super players.

Interestingly, Nintendo President Satoru Iwata revealed one of the reasons behind the spherical levels was to make it more difficult for gamers to get lost. He also commented on the fact the DVD won't actually play in the Wii, claiming it may actually aid players as they could play the game and watch the guide videos simultaneously. Call us pessimistic, but if the DVD was intended to ease gamers into an often confusing 3D world, asking them to juggle multiple screens and two remotes might be a bit of a stretch.