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We love WarioWare: DIY here at Nintendo Life Towers: its ample array of game creation tools is enough to inspire even the most stunted imagination to create a gameplay masterpiece. When placed in the hands of the truly talented, however, some unbelievable microgames are possible: here's a selection of some of our favourites, taking in everything from Xenogears shower scenes to identifying Keyser Soze.

Classic Nintendo Games

When given the tools to create an almost limitless array of unique and imaginative games, we're betting the first thing you did was recreate your favourite Nintendo title. It may not have worked out perfectly, but you probably learnt a lot from it, right? Well here's a few Nintendo tributes that nail their impressions perfectly, and a couple of combinations so bizarre they might scar you for life.

Multicolouredyoshi's Nintendo medley
A magical mash-up of Falcon Punches, Super Mario RPG and StarFox's Falco Lombardi choosing his favourite dessert. Truly something for everyone, then.


AudioZan's Obscure NES Games
Taking in everything from Super Mario Bros. to Guardian Legend and even the Dreamcast's Sword of the Berserk, this is truly inspired work, particularly the Dark Link boss fight incorporating Super Mario Bros 2 and Luigi's Mansion.


Another batch from AudioZan, including Chibi Robo saving the tea table from Mr Miyamoto's wrath, Skate or Die featuring Punch Out! and more. Very enjoyable, but probably enough to make you worry for AudioZan's sanity.



NGamer at the Movies
You don't always have to mimic your favourite games to make engaging microgames: this collection, by the UK mag NGamer, takes in movies as diverse as The Usual Suspects, Titanic, The Godfather and Misery. Naturally it contains spoilers, so if you don't already know who Keyser Soze is you might not want to watch this one, but for the rest of you there's plenty to enjoy.


Downright oddities

A Day in the Life of NGamer
If you thought Nintendo Life was odd, you should check out NGamer's WarioWare account of day-to-day business there, including vomit-inducing burps, oversleeping and proofreading. A truly frightening portent for anyone wanting to get into games journalism.


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Have you made something in WarioWare: DIY you're proud of? Something you want to share with the world? Let us know in the comments section!