Trouble at the mosque in Heavy Fire

Teyon has just sent word that their new WiiWare game Heavy Fire: Special Operations is well into development. When we first reported on Teyon's upcoming releases it wasn't clear what kind of game Heavy Fire was going to be, but it's now been revealed to be a lightgun-style shooter set in an unnamed war-torn Middle Eastern country.

Wii Zapper and local multiplayer support is confirmed and you'll not only be doing battle on-foot but also from vehicles like Humvees and Blackhawk helicopters for a bit of variety. Screenshots show the use of some nice-looking textures for a WiiWare game with items to destroy beyond men in black masks. Whilst there are certainly plenty of lightgun games on the service we cannot think of any with a modern war setting (at least not any good ones), so we're curious to see how this turns out.

You can read the press release in full below:

Teyon, a successful video games developer and publisher, unveiled today the forthcoming production Heavy Fire: Special Operations.

Enlist the elite special forces unit in a new on-rail shooter for WiiWare™. Grab your Wii Remote™ or Wii Zapper™ and take out enemies in a single-player mode or use the additional firepower of your friend in a multi-player. Blaze through stages using your light-gun from the ground, Humvee or Blackhawk. Get additional points for smashing the environment. Rise in the military ranks and get more and more powerful weapons differing in features and controls.
You will need a quick trigger-finger to complete extremely dangerous levels and restore the balance of the terrorized region in the Middle East. Play to finish the game or just to improve your best score.