Some of our more regular guests will remember that on this day last year we merged our three Nintendo sites, Virtual Console Reviews, WiiWare World and the original Nintendo Life together to form what we now call "Nintendo Life". To celebrate we hope you enjoyed some "classic" themes across those sections of the site today.

It's been a fantastic first year for us and that's largely thanks to the dedicated team of writers we've managed to assemble. Whilst both Virtual Console Reviews and WiiWare World were successful in their own right, we've seen a massive increase in traffic since the merger, over 7 million visits - although some may disagree, it's proven to have been the right move to make.

We're now looking forward to our second year as one of the leading independently owned Nintendo-centric websites and we hope you all stay along for the ride. We've got a whole heap of features (some of which we've been promising for a long time) that should be ready soon, we'll be increasing our output across all formats, reviewing even more games and attending more top industry events - for example, Nintendo Life will be live from Nintendo's Media Briefing at E3.

Whilst we'd like to take this opportunity to thank our loyal staff who write for us in their own free time we'd also like to thank you for visiting and reading what we have to say - without you we wouldn't be here.

Thanks for your continued support - Happy Anniversary!