A new dawn for all things Nintendo

In the history of mankind there have been many great moments. The discovery of fire. The invention of the wheel. The harnessing of electricity. Now we can add yet another achievement to that list - the creation of the new-look Nintendo Life!

Yes indeed, what you now gaze upon is the culmination of months of hard work and torment. The old order has been swept away; Virtual Console Reviews and WiiWare World are no more. They have fused with Nintendo Life to create an unstoppable monster of a website that will consume all in its path, and then politely request seconds afterwards.

However, we're well aware that many of you fear change, so we've compiled this handy FAQ which should hopefully answer all your most pressing questions.

Q: WTF? What have you done with my beloved WiiWare World and Virtual Console Reviews?

A: Don’t panic. The sites have simply been merged under the Nintendo Life banner, creating the ultimate one-stop resource for all things Nintendo. All of the content, reviews and news have been moved across, and as you can see at the top of the screen, everything is nearly divided up into different sections.

Q: Why in the name of Mario's underpants has this been done?

A: This move will ultimately make the combined sites stronger, better and easier to navigate. We found that it was getting to the point where it didn’t make sense to have three different sites – all focusing on Nintendo – running separately. By fusing them together we will create a strong base from which to expand even further. It will also help us when it comes to scoring exclusive interviews and obtaining early reviews, all of which benefits you, the reader.

Q: Will I have to re-register to join the Nintendo Life community?

A: Nope! Your log-in details from WWW/VCR will work here too! Great, eh?

Q: What happens to the staff of WiiWare World and VC Reviews? Will they be retired?

A: Not at all. All of our staff have been retained and we’ve even added new, talented writers to the mix. Again, all of this means you’ll be getting even better Nintendo coverage.

Q: I'm not interested in all things Nintendo and just want WiiWare / Virtual Console news. How do I get that?

A: Simple! Just click the relevant tab at the top of the screen and you'll be presented with information that relates solely to that section. However, the main Nintendo Life page will stream news from ALL sections, so we'd advise you bookmark that; you might miss out on something of interest otherwise.

Q: I hate this change! Why have you ruined my favourite site?

A: Sorry you feel that way, but sometimes change has to happen for things to get better. Stick with us and we’re sure you’ll change your mind over time!

Q: Can I curl up into the fetal position and suck my thumb until I awaken from this bad dream?

A: Feel free to, but think of all the wonderful new features you'll be missing out on. Not to mention the fact that there's no telling where that thumb of yours has been.

Q: What happens to my subscribed RSS feeds?

A: Fear not! You should be redirected to the appropriate channel on Nintendo Life. For example, if you previously subscribed to the Virtual Console Reviews feed, you will be directed to that part of the new site.

Q: Can you change something?

A: Yes, give us your feedback in our support forum and it will all help us improve the site, we're open to your ideas and we'll build new exciting features over time.

Q: I've spotted a bug!

Nasty! Head over to our help forum and report it, if you please!

Q: Speaking of forums, what has happened to the old one? Have you deleted all of the posts, you heartless monsters?

A: Nope. VC-Forums still exists and all of the posts are still there. VC-Forums was never actually 'part' of Virtual Console Reviews - it was established by a fan and we merely linked to it because we lacked our own dedicated forum. However, now the sites are fused we no longer link to VC-Forums.

Q: OK guys, very funny. This is an April Fool's joke, right?

You wish!